Sitemap - 2023 - The Split

🍌 Cradlewise, The AI-Powered Crib Giving Parents More Sleep

🎧🍌 How Solugen is Saving the $5 Trillion Chemicals Industry

🎧🍌 Fortifying Open Source Software with Dan Lorenc, Co-founder & CEO of Chainguard

🍌 Could These YouTubers Build the Next Disney World?

🎧🍌 The $4 Trillion Business of Financial Crime with Natasha Vernier, Co-founder and CEO of Cable

🎧🍌 Growing Deel to $300M+ ARR in Four Years with Alex Bouaziz, Co-founder and CEO of Deel

🍌 Could TikTok Kill Amazon?

🎧🍌 How Semil Shah Built Haystack

Why Does Instacart's IPO Filing Mention Food Stamps 25 Times?

🎧🍌 The Einstein of Ecommerce πŸ§ͺ Bootstrapping to 9-Figures in Revenue with Sean Frank (CEO, Ridge Wallet)

🎧🍌 How to Move Quadrillions of Dollars - The Story of Modern Treasury with Dimitri Dadiomov (Co-founder and CEO, Modern Treasury)

🎧🍌 Growing Medal to Tens of Millions of Users | Pim de Witte (Co-founder and CEO, Medal)

🎧🍌 The Business of Newsletters with Kendall Baker "The Sports Newsletter Guy"

🍌 14 Charts on the US Consumer

🎧🍌 How Overtime Grew to 85 Million Fans with Dan Porter (Co-founder and CEO, Overtime)

🎧🍌 Building a $70 Million Chocolate Factory | Nick Saltarelli (Co-founder, Mid-Day Squares)

🎧🍌 Arming the Pizza Rebels | Ilir Sela (Founder and CEO, Slice)

🍌 How Inngest Helps Developers Build Serverless Workflows

🎧🍌 Making Healthcare a Product, Not a Service | Adrian Aoun (Founder and CEO, Forward)

🍌 Threads, The Fastest Growing Product Since ChatGPT

🎧🍌 Lessons From Building Mercury with Immad Akhund (Co-founder and CEO, Mercury)

🎧🍌 Turning Teachers Into Superheroes | Ryan Delk (Co-founder and CEO, Primer)

🎧🍌 The iPhone For Your Dog | Ken Ehrman (Co-founder, Halo Collar)

🎧🍌 The Peel Episode 1: Building McDonald's for the Next Generation | Jonathan Neman, Co-founder and CEO of Sweetgreen

🍌 Kick, Twitch, and the $100 Million Streamer

🍌 Adding a Paid Tier to The Split + Launching a Podcast πŸŽ‰

🍌 Apple’s New β€œTV”

🍌 Emerging Managers are Not OK

🍌 Google's For You Page, Part 2

🍌 AngelList Thinks Your Venture Investments Probably Aren't Getting Marked Up

🍌 Canvas Launches 2.0, the Easiest Way to Understand Your Startup

πŸ“ Liveblocks: Bringing Collaboration to Software

🍌 Snap Partner Summit 2023 Recap

Can Substack Save the Social Network?

OpenStore Drive: β€œPassive Income” for Shopify Brands

Temu Passes Shein in US Users

Lemon8: ByteDance's New App

Spotify's New AI-Driven Feed and its Changing Atomic Unit of Discovery

Fanatics Gets Into Live Streaming

IBM Mainframes Grew Faster Then AWS in Q4

Instagram Founders Launch 'TikTok for Text'

Costco's Building an Apartment. Will it Work?

Deel Goes Free + 2023 Reader Predictions

Shein's Valuation Drops 36%

2023 Reader Prediction Submissions

Amazon's New Buy With Prime Button

TikTok Starts Scaling Its US Ecommerce Business