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I'm Turner Novak, founder of Banana Capital. Every week, I send an email to over 23,000 founders, investors, and everyone in between. The content is similar to what I tweet to 159,000 people on Twitter, just a little more serious.

🍌 What is The Split?

Every week I share light commentary or a deep dive on an interesting startup or tech story I’m following.

Topics are along the lines of “interesting things that not enough people are talking about yet”. I also throw in:

  • 🚀 Product Launches: New things that caught my eye, from startups tp big tech.

  • 🔗 News and Charts: Commentary on the best I've come across since I sent the last email.

  • 💌 ICYMI: Quick headline blast in case you missed them.

  • 📚 Long Reads: Things to read over the weekend.

  • 🐵 Monkey business: Memes that capture the current zeitgeist.

  • 👀 And more: I'm still experimenting with this, but there are some other fun initiatives in the pipeline.

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The Peel is my podcast, where I explore the world’s greatest startup stories. Get a behind the scenes look into the founding stories of your favorite companies. Learn how the industries they operate in actually work, and the playbooks and tactics you can use to launch and scale your own business.

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